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Why I Left The Life Insurance Business (My Old MLM)

so about three months ago I posted a video about the insurance industry that was getting viral three months ago this video was getting traction and I was exposing the side of the industry that no one was willing to share ultimately in a result I got hit with a threatened to basically go to court a lawsuit fought against me and most importantly a cease and desist if I did not remove this video so ultimately I was not trying to play the law game so I decided to remove that video off the internet and I wanted to in this video bring that video back but I wanted to bring it back in a different style ultimately I want to share with you why I decided to leave the traditional MLM Insurance model while that model is broken and why the principles that I shared about three months ago are still relevant and hold true today now in this video I just simply share with you my experience and I’m not going to share with you the company that I work for or the company that I think is good or bad I just want to share with you my opinion so in the video that you’re about to watch I’m going to bleep out the company that I mentioned but let’s say I never work for the company and this is all made up this is doesn’t make sense I want to share with you why after selling hundreds of thousands of dollars what you’re about to see in insurance I decide to leave the traditional model the last eight months I’ve sold over 250 000 worth of final expense life insurance as a life insurance agent and I just want to share with you why I decided to part ways and more importantly share with you some of the reasons that I am kind of leaving the traditional insurance industry in itself and what my plans are and most importantly I just want to share with you the things that I wish I know and this video was simply for me I’m documenting my journey of where I am in my life and the future plans for myself before we go into this I just first want to say that I have absolutely zero things negative to say about this video is not to bash anyone but this video is just to share with you some of the things that I wish I knew before I became a life insurance agent most importantly I’ve learned more skills helped change my life I built amazing relationships and I’ve been able to learn a lot about myself in these few quick eight to nine months here selling life insurance so again I have absolutely nothing bad to say about I think this could be a vehicle for a lot of people to succeed at but I decided to take a different route and I don’t really think that my opinion here is 24 you’re about to be 24 years old actually even matters so I just want to share with you on my mind and if this brings you value it does but um here is exactly why I left been asking me and of you know would I be able to recruit my family member my my loved ones into this business and what I feel comfortable doing it and the simple answer was no um the reason that I share this is that I learned that the insurance industry in itself is all kind of based off of an MLM model it’s a model where the person at the top will win the person at the top that has the largest team the person that recruits the most amount of people will typically have the most success and make the most amount of money and I was at a point in my journey where I was um like going to keep selling life insurance stuck in my desk or am I going to actually figure out how I can build an agency help a lot of people and you know eventually you know build a team where I can change lives and I thought to myself would I feel comfortable bringing my family members would I feel comfortable bringing my cousins could I actually recruit some individual after selling these products for you know life insurance in general for the last eight to nine months and doing pretty well for myself would I be able to do that and the simple answer that I didn’t really have to think about was no and the reason that I share this with you is not only do 90 to 96 of people go broke selling life insurance or fail in the first year um I just knew that for myself that um with the traditional model that is being built inside of insurance selling life insurance is that you need a team to thrive and the question that I ask myself and the question that I pondered with quite often was that if I want to make the money that I want to make in my life and have a successful agency would I be okay with bringing in all these people who are going to fail under me and all these people who might struggle and actually spend their last a thousand to three thousand dollars on leads and not make money could I be okay with that and the answer was absolutely no and not that not that there’s anything wrong about what’s being done out there but personally for myself I’ve always I guess a personal insecurity or flaw is having people fail under me maybe it’s because I’m not a good business owner maybe it’s because I’m not a good coach maybe it’s all because of me but inside of what I was doing the next step was to build a team and for me to make the money that I desire everyone told me to recruit recruit recruit but I just didn’t feel comfortable knowing that if I recruited individuals that knowing what they’d have to go through that they might not even be able to feed their family or put their family in a better position so I was stuck at a Crossroads so I continued doing this or do I pivot to make a different decision unless I had to Pivot to make a different decision so the first thing is that I realized to win in the insurance traditional model is that if you want to make the most amount of money you have to incur a lot of risk inside the traditional model you have to build a team you have to take on debts you have to lead all these people then you have to be okay with letting people fail in front of your eyes and personally for me I wasn’t super comfortable with having individuals come into this business and fail under me so this could be a super again insecurity of me as a business owner not being able to train individuals but I just you know would be kept up at night knowing that I could have probably screwed someone over if they joined under me and I did not provide them the right resources um the second thing that I want to share with you is that I just developed a lack of trust in this industry what I realized is that there are so many people that will get into this industry you know make some money and instead of continuing to sell life insurance or to build a team to make money actually inside this vehicle is that they’ll sell a core still build out a product they’ll sell you know your agents on certain things and I just made me question like who could I actually trust in this industry and as I was you know getting looped around and reaching out to their people and people who are messaging me and trying to learn about what I was doing and I was reaching back out to them no one was willing to actually share with me what they’re actually doing to actually succeed this is why I built this YouTube channel and the reason why I share this is that 99 of people are simply trying to recruit you or sell you some type of product or service and it really just made me have a really distasteful you know trust you know I just didn’t know who to trust in this industry and it was so hard for me knowing that if I want to build and get to where I want to be in this industry that I’ll have to rely on someone else or I’m going to look up to someone else who is in a place where I wanted to be but the person that you know got to where I wanted to be couldn’t share with me how he got there and the question that I asked myself and the thought that was like is this just a big dream is people actually making a lot of money and are people actually doing well and through the data that I’ve collected being really transparent through the groups through the surveys and just the people that I met with 99 of people are not making more than five thousand dollars per month in this industry again I will share this with you real data that I’ve gotten most people are failing in this industry yet there are people that are saying that they’re doing so well in front of my eyes or people that are saying they’re selling you know all this business doing making all this money but their bank account is broke so this all ties back to my big concern is this an actual real opportunity or is this just a way to recruit people to make some money off of them and then you get them in the door you make money off of them they fail they don’t do well they leave they have a bad taste in their mouth and then you’re the one to blame and you just continue to repeat repeat and no one actually wins but the only person that actually wins is you sitting there recruiting everyone and I just was not comfortable with that not to say this is a bad model not to say that this is unethical but for me it was unethical it sat you know bad on my heart not to saying that this is doing anybody wrong but I just personally would not want to build a business knowing that if other people fail failed that I would have to be okay with that and there’s absolutely again nothing wrong with all there’s nothing wrong about anything but I just think personally the insurance industry is flawed and what I want to share with you is exactly why the reasons I left number one I just couldn’t recruit my brother a loved one into this business secondly I realized that if I wanted to make the desirable income that I would have to be okay with failing and I needed to recruit a ton of people but knowing that the people that I brought in would you know probably not do that well they’ll write some business I’ll make a little bit of money off of them in an override and they’ll leave and I’ll just repeat and rinse and then lastly there was a lack of trust in this industry I didn’t know who to trust I don’t know who to go to this big illusion that everyone’s making money that I realize no one’s actually doing that well made me really curious on kind of what I was shooting for and not only should I believe that you need to do things that are ethical that sit well with your heart because what I’ve learned that when it comes to making money it’s not about how much money you make it’s simply how you make your money and this is something I’m going to live by for the rest of my life my reputation my word means more than anything to me and I would hate to do wrong to other people not saying that this is what’s happening but just in general with what any business that I go through I just want to make sure that I can take care of my individuals that I can feed their families and I can take care of them and just have an impact on thousands of thousands of people so the last thing I want to share with you is you know what the real reason was like what are my goals now that you’re not with this IMO what are you working on and right now I’m super excited to build out a real opportunity um with my business partner on how we’re hopefully going to change the absolute life insurance industry our goal is to basically build out all the systems that we’ve developed the CRM we’ve built the leads there’s no more chargebacks for individuals and give someone a real opportunity who can develop their skill who can get their life insurance license you can plug into a community that can have the right training have the right script have the right resources and make ten to fifteen thousand dollars per month that’s the goal a lot of people just want to make more money working from home and I think that’s why I got my life insurance license and that is exactly what I’m building up for individuals so my goal in this industry and through this channel is become the most trusted advisor here in the space to be the person that you can glean on to be the person to actually change your bank account to be the person that can actually help you with whatever Journey you are and give you so much value that you would feel dumb not following me transparently just speaking but lastly the opportunity that I’m building out here is just giving a real way to train individuals basically a home plate where you can call leads you don’t have to buy leads you don’t think about how to be a business owner you don’t have to think about having chargebacks you can come in make phone calls sell life insurance and feed your family without worrying about the concerns of being a business owner and trying to recruit a ton of people it’s an absolutely whole different Insurance model it’s a non-traditional model but my goal through my experiences of after leaving and jumping into this industry is that I want to change the game I want to help actually change lives and I also want to help change bank accounts and just do it the right way an ethical way so I just want to say this is why my story again I have absolutely number one nothing to sell you I have two nothing bad to say but I learned some amazing and badass skills and lastly I just think that is my thoughts about the insurance industry and again why does my opinion even matter I am just a small town kid who just moved across country and has a dream and made some sales and really is still figuring out life so why does it matter cheers so if you guys if this brought you value if this was kind of the video that you were looking for and if more importantly if you’re interested in anything or if there’s anything I can do to help you leave a comment grateful for the community that we’re building and I love you guys so much this is my journey we’re just documenting it and one day Peter will help you look back and be like damn you made a really good decision love y’all take care cheers

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