UCAS Clearing: how does UK University Clearing work

Is the UK Clearing process for international students A simple answer to this would be YES! The UK Clearing Process is also designed for international students. Let’s cheer you up with some statistics. British universities accepted 68,680 international students by the end of the 2018 approval process. Of these students, 30,350 were EU students and 38,330 were non-EU students. This shows that you, as an international student, are also eligible to make use of this opportunity.

However, the only eligibility requirement is that you originally applied to study in the UK through the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS). As an added measure, you should also check with your preferred university and discuss your plans for applying during the UK approval process. You should contact the university especially if you are going through customs clearance just because you have not received an offer letter from them.

If you have completed and submitted your university application before June 30 and have not received an offer or if you have decided not to accept an offer that has been made, your application will automatically be forwarded to clearing. However, you are expected to submit an application fee of GBP 22 to participate in the liquidation process or GBP 11 if you had sent your application to even a single university before the liquidation process.

Who is Clearing for?

You’ll be eligible for Clearing if:

  • you haven’t received any offers
  • you haven’t accepted any of the offers you have received
  • you didn’t respond to your offers in time
  • you’re applying after the 30 June cut-off
  • your grades are too low for your offers.

Whichever of these situations applies to you, it’s a good idea to begin your Clearing search as quickly as possible to boost your chances of finding something that’s a good match for your grades and plans.

How to apply

If you think that applying for a place through Clearing is right for you, the first thing you need to do is register on the UCAS website.

From 5 July to 18 October 2022, you can apply for a course through Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places.

When Clearing begins, you can start searching for courses using the online search tool.

When you’ve found a course you want, you should ring the university directly to check they still have vacancies and double check you meet their entry requirements. If they offer you a place and you want to accept it, just follow the online process on the UCAS website.

Things to remember

1. Do your research

There are lots of great ways to find out more about UK universities online and the courses they offer. And you can get started before Clearing opens too.

2. Be quick but don’t rush

You can’t hang around – places will begin getting snapped up the moment Clearing opens. But that doesn’t mean you should panic. Take time to think carefully before accepting a place that will shape your whole career.

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